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Egg and Cholesterols Egg and Cholesterols
Egg has a rich source of proteins, yet it also contains high cholesterol. An ordinary egg, for instance, contains 236 mg of cholesterols whilst the recommended daily cholesterol...
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Red Meat and White Meat Red Meat and White Meat
Hong Kong people are very fond of eating chicken. Chicken is always a main dish in a festival feast. In recent years, many health-conscious people are eating less red meat,...
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Rainbow Diet Rainbow Diet
One may wonder whether organic food products are healthier choices than conventional food. Kathleen YAU, a dietitian, clarifies that although organic farming do not use...
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Low Carbon Diet Low Carbon Diet
Kathleen YAU, a dietitian, said there is a growing international concern about food-miles, that is, the distance food travels from the source of origin to our dining tables....
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Good for Your Health and for the Planet Good for Your Health and for the Planet
Low carbon diet is originally a way to reduce weight by restricting carbohydrate consumption. It carries a new meaning nowadays -- it refers to a lifestyle to minimise the greenhouse...
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