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Clay Pot Rice – A Closer Look Clay Pot Rice – A Closer Look
Clay pot rice is a popular seasonal delicacy in Hong Kong for autumn and winter. Many people are fond of its rich aroma, while others love the charred rice crust formed...
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Healthy Home-made Sandwiches Healthy Home-made Sandwiches
Dietitian, Carmela LEE, encourages us to create our own sandwiches and burgers. She says, β€œOne can make a simple and healthy sandwich by choosing a healthy combination...
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Choose Healthy Sandwich Fillings Choose Healthy Sandwich Fillings
Bacons, luncheon meat, hot dog sausages and corned beef are some of the most popular sandwich fillings. These foods are, however, high in fat and salt content. 100 grams...
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Oven Fresh, and Healthy Oven Fresh, and Healthy
Many Hong Kong people choose to eat a light meal of sandwich or hamburger when they are too busy to take a break for a proper meal. Anyway, a sandwich or hamburger is also...
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Tips for a healthy Hot Pot Tips for a healthy Hot Pot
Dietitian, Sylvia LAM, shares with us a few health tips about hot pot meal: Selection of soup base: Healthier choices
Plain chicken broth, fish...
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