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Vegetables and Noodles Vegetables and Noodles
Sylvia LAM, a dietitian, says "Plain soup, fish soup and vegetables soup are more healthy soup bases. Apart from vegetables, food Ingredients with rich carbohydrate content...
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Dipping into a Healthy Hot Pot Dipping into a Healthy Hot Pot
Having a nice hot pot dinner is an excellent way to spend an evening with family and friends. Autumn and winter are great times for hot pot, and many restaurants offer "hot pot...
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Beware of High-Fat Food Trap Beware of High-Fat Food Trap
Pork is a popular food ingredient which goes well with many other foods. If chosen and cooked properly, pork is still a healthy food choice. Frankie SIU, a dietitian, reminds...
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"Like Nourishes Like" - May not Help
Many local people love eating porcine organs. And it is a traditional Chinese myth that "Like Nourishes Like" may help those body parts. However, Frankie, a dietitian, explains...
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Healthy  Eating with Pork Healthy Eating with Pork
Hong Kong people are very fond of pork that we practically eat every part of a pig. Apart from stir-fried pork fillet, deep-fried ribs, ham hocks and grilled whole piglets,...
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