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Eating problems in Hong Kong Eating problems in Hong Kong
Carmela, a dietitian, observes that whilst many people do not fully understand the concept of healthy eating or too busy to eat properly, some people are overcautious of their...
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Choices at Buffet Choices at Buffet
Many people opt for a buffet to celebrate a festival; Carmela (dietitian)’s advice is to fill your stomach with salads, soup or sushi. Yet she added, fatty fishes such as...
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Festival Choices Festival Choices
Carmela LEE is a dietitian from Hong Kong Nutrition Association. Her principle of eating well is to choose a variety of foods with the right food portions. “There will...
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Eating well while eating out Eating well while eating out
Chinese style tea restaurants also offer healthy choices of food. Doris suggests us to choose food items that are steamed, grilled, stewed and/or try to avoid dishes that are...
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How to lose weight How to lose weight
Dining out with Dietitan in a Cha Chaan Teng Doris Lau, a registered dietitian, reminds us to follow the 'Food Pyramid'...
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