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Health Tips for Children, Elderly and Pregnant Vegetarians Health Tips for Children, Elderly and Pregnant Vegetarians
Ingrid KAN, a dietitian, suggests children, elderly and pregnant vegetarians to consume more plant proteins and iron. Mothers-to-be have to absorb more iron and calcium to meet...
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Health Tips for Vegetarians Health Tips for Vegetarians
Dietitian, Ingrid KAN, provides health tips for Vegetarians: Nutrients Health Tips Dietary Tips Proteins Proteins, constituted by different...
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Be a Healthy Vegetarian Be a Healthy Vegetarian
Many people choose to follow a vegetarian diet for religious, environmental and humanistic reasons, while some go on a vegetarian diet to try to lose weight. Many studies suggest...
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Eating problems in Hong Kong Eating problems in Hong Kong
Carmela, a dietitian, observes that whilst many people do not fully understand the concept of healthy eating or too busy to eat properly, some people are overcautious of their...
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Choices at Buffet Choices at Buffet
Many people opt for a buffet to celebrate a festival; Carmela (dietitian)’s advice is to fill your stomach with salads, soup or sushi. Yet she added, fatty fishes such as...
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