Flavours for the Young at Heart – Charlie Brown Café

Amid the hustle and bustle of Cameron Road lies the refreshing sight of Charlie Brown, and Snoopy on top of his red doghouse. Inside the restaurant, there are pictures of Snoopy and his friends on the tables, walls and even ceilings. The atmosphere is so enjoyable, it will take you back to the days when you were young and dreaming of eating with the Peanuts gang together!

Millions of people worldwide have grown up with the Peanuts comic strips starring the kind-hearted Charlie Brown and his cute and witty pet dog Snoopy. Carol MAN, manager of Charlie Brown Café, explains that the owner of the restaurant, who opened the cafe some nine years ago, is also a big fan of Peanuts. The restaurant started out serving coffee and desserts, and then gradually introduced hot dishes to the menu. It attracts not only local Peanuts fans but also visitors from abroad.

Carol studied in Canada where she obtained qualifications in hotel and catering management, joined the restaurant nine years ago. She thinks the restaurant has an atmosphere that is relaxing and energetic, allowing her team members to use their talent to the full.

Charlie Brown Café has a charming environment and atmosphere. Most importantly, the food is superb. The menu features hamburgers, pasta, and rice with curry, and special dishes serving plenty of fruit and vegetables and containing less oil or salt. The special rice dish, for example, is topped with cooked egg white, assorted vegetables and salmon to make it healthier and more attractive. The in-house chef, can even turn a vegetable side dish into a dish of pan-fried vegetables that is good enough to be a main course on its own, even though it is equally good as a side dish for other dishes.

With humility, Carol says, “We treat our customers the way we treat ourselves. We value our health, and we want our customers to become healthy too by eating the food we serve them. We want to give them a pleasant and healthy dining experience.”

Extract from CookSmart, Issue 21