C-Jade Meal Plus– To Serve A Bowl of Heart-Warming Congee

C-Jade Meal Plus is owned by a restaurant group originating from Singapore. With over two decades of experience in the catering industry, the restaurant aims to offer customers healthy and high-quality Cantonese-style light meals at reasonable prices.

The restaurant has a team of experienced kitchen staff, who are very quality-conscious. The foods which they served have won acclaim from customers.

The restaurant is particularly well-known for its congee. Every day, the kitchen staff spend three hours cooking the base congee. During the cooking process, they have to stir the congee all the time to avoid the rice sticking to the bottom of the pot. The staff then scoop a cup of congee into a smaller pot and cook it with other ingredients before serving.

Not only are the handmade rice rolls of C-Jade Meal Plus delicious, but they also look really spectacular. Instead of being folded into rolls, the steamed rice sheets are pulled together to look like an accordion. This way, it has a much softer and smoother texture.

The dishes are cooked with carefully selected ingredients, void of flavour enhancers or any excess use of oil. To seek continuous improvement of service and food quality, members of the senior management team conduct spot checks regularly on their branches.

Extract from CookSmart, Issue 19