Marcus KWOK – Healthy One-Pot Wonders

Marcus KWOK was born in Hong Kong and moved to Indonesia with his family when he was eight years old. In 1997, he continued his academic studies in Australia, where he subsequently obtained a medical degree and worked as a physician for four years. Holding a keen interest in the show business, Marcus participated in singing contests and hosted Chinese radio programmes during his stay in Australia. He began his venture in the entertainment industry after competing in the Mr. Hong Kong Contest in 2009. Apart from hosting various travel and lifestyle TV programmes, he has acted in TV drama series. He also works as an emcee for major events and banquets and provides training for corporates.

Eat Wisely and Cook Healthy

Having worked as a medical doctor, Marcus knows very well the significance of healthy eating on our well-being. He said, “Just like a car, our body is working all the time and is affected by external factors such as the environment and air quality. Inevitably, the body will gradually wear out over time. To stay in good health, we should pay attention to taking care of ourselves. This is a responsibility for everyone.” Marcus is therefore very disciplined about his eating habits: he never eats more than he needs and seldom eats deep-fried food. His daily diet contains plenty of fruit and vegetables without any alcohol. He also has a meat-free day each week.

When studying abroad alone, Marcus had to cook for himself. He revealed, “I usually choose natural food as the main ingredients and cook with less oil, salt and sugar. Cooking is a good way for me to relieve stress. Besides watching cooking shows on television, I also look for recipes on the Internet to learn how to prepare different kinds of cuisine.” For Marcus, cooking is something that stems from his childhood. “My mother is from Beijing, while my father is an Indonesian Chinese. In addition to dumplings and noodles in Northern Chinese style, we often make Cantonese long-boiled soups at home. When I was a child, my mother taught me how to wrap dumplings.”

Extract from CookSmart, Issue 29