Carat CHEUNG - Teaching Son to Eat Healthy

A year ago, Carat became a mother for the first time. Now, her baby boy is old enough to eat solid food. Under the guidance of Carat and her husband, her son has developed a liking for vegetables such as choy sum and broccoli. Carat’s dietary principles are to avoid adding seasonings to her son’s meals and let him taste the original flavours of the food ingredients. She also encourages her son to try out different foods, thereby giving him a balanced diet and helping him avoid picky eating habits. As such, Carat always makes apples, bananas and grapes available at home for her son as snack choices.

Regular Exercise and Family Fun

Carat is very keen on dancing. She has learnt jazz funk, hip-hop and belly dance. Despite her busy work life, she makes time for her dance practice. To exercise regularly, she also plays badminton and goes swimming during her spare time. When it is holiday time, Carat arranges family outings with friends. Together they go on picnics in parks and the countryside. As his son has fun exploring the nature, Carat and her husband can enjoy a moment of peace.

Extract from CookSmart, Issue 28