Carat CHEUNG - Simple, Light Diet with Plenty of Fruits

Carat has come across a wide range of fruits after starting her acting career in Hong Kong. Her favourite fruits are lychees, longans, papayas and jackfruits. An avid fan of papayas, Carat makes papaya milk smoothie at home. Due to hectic working schedules, artists have irregular meal times and often eat away from home. In spite of this, Carat never forgets to eat sufficient fruits. To maintain a healthy diet, she brings fruits to work as snacks.

People in Canada prefer a simple diet. Carat and her family are no exception. Most of their meals include blanched chicken and green vegetables. When preparing meals for her family, Carat prefers something healthy and light and cooks with less oil, salt and sugar. Some examples are steamed fish, steamed minced pork, stir-fried vegetables and fried eggs with tomatoes. In addition, Carat and her family use fresh fruits to make different soups, such as apple soup and double-boiled pear soup with fritillary bulbs.

Extract from CookSmart, Issue 28