Chestnut, Carrot, Corn, and Pork Shin Soup

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Chestnut, Carrot, Corn, and Pork Shin Soup
Ingredients (Serve 4):
Chestnuts6 (approx.100g)
Corn cobs2 (approx. 545g)
Pork shin320g
Wateras appropriate
Saltas appropriate
Cooking Method:
1.Shell and skin the chestnuts.
2.Peel and rinse the carrot. Skin and rinse the corn cobs.
3.Trim the fat off the pork, rinse and blanch.
4.Boil the water and add in all the Ingredients. Bring to boil and turn to a low heat to simmer for about 2 hours. Season to taste with salt.
Nutrition / Preparation Tips:
This soup is rich in fibre and vitamin A. It is colourful and appetizing, and is suitable for people of all ages.

Chestnuts, carrots and corn are starchy foods. Appropriate intake of soup Ingredients can increase the energy intake.

If chestnuts are not in season, use water chestnuts instead.
Source: Elderly Health Service, Department of Health – Healthy Recipes Cookbook