Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Red Beans and Lean Pork Soup

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Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Red Beans and Lean Pork Soup
Ingredients (Serve 4):
Tomatoes2 (250g)
Red beans40g
Dried tangerine peel1 piece (approx. 3g)
Lean pork320g
Wateras appropriate
Saltas appropriate
Cooking Method:
1.Peel and core the pumpkin. Rinse and cut into thick chunks.
2.Rinse and cut the tomatoes.
3.Rinse and drain the red beans. Rinse the tangerine peel.
4.Rinse and blanch the pork.
5.Boil the water over a high heat. Add in all the Ingredients and bring to boil. Continue boiling over a medium heat for 1 1/2 hours. Season to taste with salt.
Nutrition / Preparation Tips:
This soup is rich in vitamin A and fibre. Part of the pumpkin will become mushy in the soup. When eaten together with the tomatoes and red beans, the soup can help in improving energy and nutrient intakes.

Besides red beans, soy beans and black-eyed peas can be added to increase the soluble fibre content which can help to lower the blood cholesterol level.
Source: Elderly Health Service, Department of Health – Healthy Recipes Cookbook