Fillo Blueberry Croissant

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Fillo Blueberry Croissant
Sabrina MOK - Accredited Practising Dietitian (Australia), Member of HKDA, said "Replacing butter with olive oil makes the pastry a healthier yet crispy snack."
Ingredients (Serve 2):
Fresh blueberries50 g
Fillo sheets3
Olive oil1/5 teaspoon
Cooking Method:
1.Liquidise the fresh blueberries in a blender and reduce it on fire into a sauce.
2.Brush olive oil on the surface of each fillo sheet, stack the sheets together, and place the fresh blueberry sauce on top.
3.Cut the stack of fillo sheets into triangles with all sides measuring 3 inches.
4.Make a slight cut at the middle of one side of each triangle.
5.Roll from that particular side to form a strip. Bend in the middle to simulate a croissant. Bake at 180°C until gold brownish.
Per Serving:
Energy (kcal)102
Carbohydrate (g)18
Protein (g)2
Fat (g)2
Sugar (g)3
Sodium (mg)138
The energy and nutrient content are estimated according to information from the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. Values are for reference use only.
Cooking Tips:
Instead of blueberries, try raspberries, strawberries or other berries of your choice.
This recipe is provided by Mr. Jack CHUA.
Extract from CookSmart, Issue 16