Vegetable Soup with Wood Ear Fungus and Chinese Wolfberries

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Vegetable Soup with Wood Ear Fungus and Chinese Wolfberries
Carmela Lee, Registered Dietitian (UK); Education Sub-committee of Hong Kong Nutritional Association, said "A wide variety of ingredients not only add colors to the soup; they also create different textures for the palate. Among the vegetables used in the recipe, potato, celery, tomato and corn are rich in potassium, which helps lower blood pressure. Eat the vegetables while you drink the soup; you'll get more dietary fibre."
Ingredients (Serve 1):
Wood ear fungus, soaked150g
Chinese wolfberries, soakedSome
Potato, peeled, diced1
Cabbage, shredded1/2
Celery stick, diced1
Tomatoes, diced1
Carrot, diced1/2
Corn cob, sectioned1
Water3 litres
Salt1/2 teaspoon
Cooking Method:
1.Put all ingredients into a pot. Bring to the boil. Simmer on low flame for about 30 minutes.
2.Season with salt. Serve
Per Serving:
Energy (kcal)121
Carbohydrate (g)27
Protein (g)5
Fat (g)1
Sugar (g)9
Sodium (mg)327
The energy and nutrient content are estimated according to information from the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. Values are for reference use only.
Cooking Tips:
The soup is boiled quickly with high flame, which helps to retain the original flavours of the ingredients.
This recipe is provided by Mr. Barry COX.
Extract from CookSmart, Issue 15