Fruity Party

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Fruity Party
Ingredients (Serve 1):
Kitchen herbssome
Sesame seedssome
Kiwi, skinned, cored and cubed1/2 piece
Green mango, cut into rectangular sticks30g
Honeydew melon, cut into rectangular sticks30g
Papaya, cut into rectangular sticks50g
Small yardlong beans20g
Strawberry1 piece
Blueberries6 pieces
Extra virgin olive oil3ml
Ingredients for tomato sauce:
Tomato, seeded1
Extra virgin olive oil4 teaspoons
Cooking Method:
1.Blend the tomato and olive oil into a liquid. Filter and let stand.
2.Cut 20g mango into thin slices, and the rest into long, rectangular sticks. Set aside.
3.Sprinkle the herbs and sesame seeds on the mango slices, then bake at 100˚C for 45 minutes until the mango slices are all dehydrated. Set aside.
4.Heat the frying-pan and pour in oil. Put in the salmon, add some salt to taste, pan-fry till done. Put the salmon on paper towel to absorb the grease; let stand.
5.Dice some of the salmon. Stuff the salmon dices into the kiwi cubes. Set aside.
6.Blanch the yardlong beans until done. Let stand.
7.On a plate spread around the papaya, green mango, yardlong beans, salmon, honeydew melon and mango on top of each other in this order.
8.Top with the stuffed kiwi, strawberry and dehydrated mango slices.
9.Add one teaspoon of tomato sauce. Garnish with blueberries and serve.
This recipe is provided by YOHO Midtown, Club Midtown.