Daylily with Assorted Fruit and Vegetable Salad

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Daylily with Assorted Fruit & Vegetable Salad
The salad brings about a fresh feeling. The coarse dietary fibre helps to improve digestion and lemon peel can alleviate the problem of flatulency, making us feel comfortable. Delicious in taste and low in cost, the salad is easy to prepare and suitable for a party.
Ingredients (Serve 4):
Daylily1 tael
Cucumber1 piece
Apple1 piece
Lemon1 piece
Low fat salad dressing1/2 cup
Wateraround 16 cups
Ice1 1/2 cups
Salt1/2 teaspoon
Ground White Pepperto taste
Cooking Method:
1.Partially trim the hard part of daylilies, soak for 2 hours then wash and drain.
2.Bring 4 cups of water (water should be enough to cover the top of daylilies) to boil, add daylilies together with salt and bring to the boil for around 3 minutes. Discard water, add water and repeat the previous step. Soak daylilies in ice water for a few minutes, to make it more crispy.
3.Partially peel the cucumber and remove the seeds. Shred and soak them in ice water for few minutes.
4.Peel and shred the apple.
5.Wash and peel the lemon, shred the lemon skin and set aside.
6.Add daylilies, cucumber and apple into a bowl, mix will with salad dressing and shredded lemon skin. Season with ground white pepper.
Add an appropriate amount of cooked chicken shred if you do not like a vegetable dish.

Daylily is ready for use after being soaked in water for some ten minutes. However, it is suggested that you wash the daylily in running water for several times, then soak it in water for one hour to remove residual pesticides.
This recipe is provided by Ms Doreen LEUNG, Columnist, Gourmet and Culinary Therapy Specialist.