Japanese Savoury Egg Custard

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Japanese Savoury Egg Custard
Carmela LEE, Executive Committee of Hong Kong Nutrition Association, said "Bonito is a kind of Japanese fish that has strong aroma. Adding it to steamed egg makes this dish with extra-ordinary taste."
Ingredients (Serve 1):
Egg (beaten)50 ml
Broth100 ml
Fresh Prawn (peeled, deveined)1 piece
Fresh Shiitake Mushroom (trimmed, sliced)5 gm
Skinless Chicken (diced)20 gm
Broth200 ml
Japanese Soya Sauce4 teaspoons
Mirin4 teaspoons
Sake4 teaspoons
Cooking Method:
1.Add egg to 100 ml of broth. Gently stir to combine. Set aside.
2.Add Japanese soya sauce, mirin and sake to 200 ml of broth. Bring to the boil to make sauce. Set aside.
3.Put prawn, mushroom and chicken in a cup. Fill in egg mixture. Cover the cup. Steam for 7 minutes over high heat. Turn off the heat. Stand for 3 minutes. Spoon in 2 teaspoons of sauce. Serve.
Broth Ingredients: (for making 4 bowls, around 1 litre)
Kelp20 gm
Water1 litre
Bonito Flakes30 gm
Cooking Method:
1.Add kelp in water. Bring water to the boil then turn off the heat.
2.Add bonito flakes. Soak for 1 hour.
3.Strain before use.
This recipe is provided by AZABUSABO.
Extract from CookSmart, Issue 11