Sautéed Beef Cubes with Loong Bean

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Sauteed Beef Cubes with Loong Bean
Sylvia LAM, President of Hong Kong Dietitians Association, said "Beef is rich in protein, iron and zinc. Serving with loong bean, not only bring out the taste of beef, but also helps to control the meat intake which in turn facilitates the adoption of healthy eating habit of having more vegetables and less meat."
Ingredients (Serve 1):
American 1855 Beef100 g (about 2.5 taels)
Loong Bean200 g (about 5 taels)
Olive Oil1 teaspoon
Garlic (minced)1 teaspoon
Onion (shredded)1/3 piece
Green Capsicum (cut into strips)1/2 piece
Salt1/4 teaspoon
Sugar1/2 teaspoon
Cooking Method:
1.Slice beef. Cut loong beans into strips then blanch them. Set aside.
2.Heat oil in a frying-pan and saute the garlic. Add beef slices, loong beans, onion and capsicum.
3.Season with salt and sugar. Serve.
This recipe is provided by The Royal Garden.
Extract from CookSmart, Issue 7