Assorted Vegetable Sushi and Chilled Udon

Assorted Vegetable Sushi and Chilled Udon
Ingredients (Serve 1):
Fresh Abalone Mushroom (sliced)1 slice (50 gm)
Burdock1/2 piece
Rice1 1/2 bowls (300 gm)
Mango1/4 piece
Cucumber20 gm
Nori2 slices
1 piecesome
Black Truffle5 gm
Water400 ml
Baby Corn1 piece
Thai Spring Roll Sheet1 piece
Lollo Rosso Lettucesome
Homemade Sushi Egg1 piece
Avocado1/4 piece
Romaine Lettuce1 piece
Tomato (peeled, cut into flower shape)1/4 piece
Charcoal Udon (dry)50 gm
Salt1/2 teaspoon
Soya Sauce100 ml
Vinegar100 ml
Sugar1 teaspoon
Japanese Sake4 teaspoons
Black Vinegar1 drop
Cooking Method:
1.Cook abalone mushroom in 50 ml of soya sauce and 200 gm of water until done. Add burdock in the diluted soya sauce, cook until done. Blanch baby corns until cooked. Set aside.
2.Add vinegar, sugar, salt and toss with the rice. To make noodle sauce, combine 50 ml of soya sauce, 200 ml of water and Japanese sake.
3.Pre-soaked spring roll sheet and set aside.
4.Roll endive, lollo rosso lettuce, mango, sushi egg, cucumber and avocado in spring roll sheet and cut into halve. Top sushi rice with nori, follow by Romaine lettuce and burdock. Wrap up to make a sushi roll. Coat with black sesames.
5.Form the sushi rice into oval shape. Top with tomato, abalone mushroom, baby corn and burdock respectively. Add a drop of black vinegar on top of the tomato. Put black truffle on top of the abalone mushroom.
6.Cook charcoal udon in hot water for 5 minutes and cool in refrigerator. Serve with noodle sauce.
This recipe is provided by Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant.