Colourful Fish Balls

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Colourful Fish Balls
Fish paste made by mandarin fish has very low fat content. Coating the fish balls with ginger and carrot shreds makes them great in appearance and taste.
Ingredients (Serve 4):
Mandarin fish1 piece
Egg Yolk (beaten)1 piece
Carrot1/2 piece
Shiitake Mushroom1 piece
Egg White (beaten)1 piece
Spring Onion3 stalks
Ginger1 slice
Shark Finaround 19 gm
Mixture of Starch and Watermix 1 gm of starch with 2 gm of water
Salt2 teaspoons
Cooking Method:
1.Wash mandarin fish and wipe dry. Fillet and set aside.
2.Shred carrot, shiitake mushroom, spring onion and ginger. Pan-fry beaten egg yolk to make egg sheet then shred. (Part 1 ingredient).
3.To make the fish paste, mince fish meat, add salt, egg white and stir for 15 minutes into paste.
4.Combine the part 1 ingredient with fish paste. Then shape into equal balls. Top with shark fin and steam for 10 minutes. Thicken with mixture of starch and water. Serve.
This recipe is provided by Dragon Inn.