Cabbage Roll with Bean Curd and Scrambled Egg White

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Cabbage Roll with Bean Curd and Scrambled Egg White
With various fruit and vegetables, this colourful dish is rich in nutrition.  The chef uses passion fruit juice instead of vinegar.  The strong flavour of passion fruit juice adds variety to the taste of the dish.
Ingredients (Serve 3-4):
Passion Fruit5 pieces
Honey1/2 teaspoon
Firm Bean Curd1 piece
Carrot (small)1 piece
Egg Yolk2 pieces
Corn Oil1 teaspoon
Egg White6 pieces
Basil3 leaves
White Mushroom40 gm
Shimeji Mushroom40 gm
Baby Asparagus6 pieces
Cabbage3 leaves
Mint2-3 leaves
Purple Radish3 slices
Strawberry2-3 pieces
Dragon Fruit1/2 piece
Grapes2-3 pieces
Salt3/4 teaspoon
Coarse Black Pepper1/4 teaspoon
Cooking Method:
1.Strain passion fruit pulps to get its juice.  Mix juice with honey.  Set aside.
2.Soak firm bean curd in brine (2 teaspoons of salt in 250 ml of water).  Drain and cut into three pieces.
3.Dice red carrot and stir-fry with egg yolk.  Pour it over the bean curd.  Set aside.
4.Heat oil in a wok, scramble egg white until done.  Set aside.
5.Stir-fry black pepper with oil until aromatic.  Add basil, white mushrooms and Shimeji mushrooms.  Season with salt  (Part 1 ingredient).
6.Place the part 1 ingredient and asparaguses on a cabbage leaf.  Roll up and repeat with remaining cabbage leaves.
7.Arrange cabbage roll, purple radish and bean curd on a plate.  Pour egg white and passion fruit juice over.  Garnish with mint leaves and fruits.  Serve.
This recipe is provided by Paramita Vegetarian Restaurant.