Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber with Dry Scallops Thick Soup

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Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber with Dry Scallops Thick Soup
Ivy Ng, President of Hong Kong Nutrition Association, said "Fish maw and sea cucumber are low in fat and cholestrol but provide us protein. Together with chicken and lean pork, they make a wonderful soup base. Remember to choose skinless chicken and remove excessive oil before consumption. Minimize the amount of salt not only lower our sodium intake, but also bring out the natural flavour of the Ingredients."
Ingredients (Serve 8-10):
Fish Maw10 - 12 pieces
Shark Fin edge15 - 18 pieces
Skinless Chicken1/4 piece
Lean Pork200 gm (about 5 taels)
Water4 liters
Shiitake Mushroom (dried)6 - 8 pieces
Ear-Fungus (dried)1 piece
Dried Tangerine Peel1 piece
Dried Scallop19 - 22 pieces
Sea Cucumber1 piece
Water Chestnut Flour3 tablespoons
Skinless Chicken Shreds250 gm (about 6 taels)
Salt1 teaspoon
Coarse White Pepperto taste
Cooking Method:
1.Cook fish maw, shark fin edge, skinless chicken and lean pork in 4 litres of boiling water over low heat for at least 2 hours. Transfer fish maw and shark fin edge to a bowl. Strain soup and set aside.
2.Soak mushrooms, ear-fungus, dried tangerine peel and dried scallops in water. Defrost sea cucumber.
3.Cut fish maw, shark fin edge, mushrooms, ear-fungus and tangerine peel into thin strips. Tear scallops into shreds. (Part 1 ingredient).
4.Mix water chestnut flour with small amount of broth, set aside.
5.Bring broth to boil. Add chicken shreds, sea cucumber and part 1 Ingredients. Cook over high heat for 10 minutes. Season with salt and coarse pepper. Add the mixture of water chestnut flour to broth. Serve.
This recipe is provided by Original Taste Workshop
Extract from the CookSmart Issue 5