Rice Vermicelli with Assorted Vegetables in Fish Broth

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Rice Vermicelli with Assorted Vegetables in Fish Broth
Ingredients: (To Serve 1)
Broccoli 3 florets
Shanghai cabbage 2 pieces
Loofah (diced into cubes) 3 cubes
Baby cabbage 1 tael
Beech mushrooms 6
Enokitake mushroom 1 tael
Cloud ears 4 pieces
Tomato 3 slices
White radish 2 taels
Rice vermicelli 2 taels
Homemade fish broth 500ml
Homemade fish broth (2000 ml) (To Serve 4)
Ingredients: (Depending on the season and availability)
Bigeye fish 1
Crucian carp 1
Mud carp 2
Tofu 1 piece

Rapeseed oil 3 teaspoons
Old ginger 2 taels
Ground white pepper 5 maces
Salt ½ teaspoon
Sugar 2 teaspoons
Water 8 catties
Cooking Method:
1. Wash all the fish thoroughly and pan-fry with oil until both sides are golden brown.
2. Bring 8 catties of water to the boil, then put in the fish and tofu. Add the salt, sugar, old ginger and ground white pepper for seasoning. Cook over high heat for about 4 hours to prepare the fish broth.
3. Wash all the vegetables thoroughly. Peel the white radish and loofah.
4. Cut all the vegetables into small pieces. Set aside.
5. Place the white radish into 500ml of fish broth. Cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Add the rice vermicelli and other ingredients. Wait until all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked and serve in a bowl.
Each Serving:
Energy(kcal) 474
Carbohydrate(g) 87
Protein(g) 15
Fat(g) 8
Sugar(g) 2
Sodium(mg) 432
The energy and nutrient content is estimated according to the information compiled from the Centre for Food Safety, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Nutrient Data Laboratory, US Department of Agriculture. Values are for reference Only.
This recipe is provided by Yue Mic Ka.