Seared Hokkaido Jumbo Scallop, Avocado Puree, Yuzu vinaigrette

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Seared Hokkaido Jumbo Scallop, Avocado Puree, Yuzu vinaigrette
Ingredients: (To Serve 1)
Green salad 40g
Cherry tomato 10g
Avocado 80g
Lemon juice 4 teaspoons
Scallop 1 piece
Salmon roe 10g
Salt ¼ teaspoon
Olive oil 1 teaspoon
Yuzu vinaigrette 2 teaspoons
Balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon
Cooking Method:
1. Wash green salad and set aside.
2. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut in half. Set aside.
3. Wash the avocado, take out its flesh and mix until a purée is formed, then add lemon juice. Set aside.
4. Heat a wok and pour in the olive oil. Pan fry the scallop until it is 50% cooked. Add salt, then take out and set aside.
5. Put the ingredients on a plate in the following order: avocado purée, green salad, cherry tomato, scallop and salmon roe.
6. Pour yuzu vinaigrette and balsamic vinegar on top.
Per serving:
Energy(kcal) 219
Carbohydrate(g) 11
Protein(g) 7
Fat(g) 17.6
Sugar(g) 2.4
Sodium(mg) 518
The energy and nutrient content is estimated according to the information compiled from the Centre for Food Safety, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Nutrient Data Laboratory, US Department of Agriculture. Values are for reference only.
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