Tomato Cups with Tuna

More Fruit and Vegetables3 Less
Tomato Cups with Tuna
Serve about 6 to 8 persons
Tomatoes10 medium
Celery1/2 cup, cubed
Sweet corn1/2 cup
Tuna fish canned in mineral water2 cans
Raisins4 tablespoon
Plain low-fat yogurt1/2 cup
HoneySmall amount
SaltSmall amount
White pepperSmall amount
Preparation Method:
1.Drain tuna fish.
2.Wash and dice celery.
3.Add honey into yogurt as salad dressing.
4.Wash tomatoes. Make into cups by cutting off top and scooping seeds out.
5.Mix tuna fish, celery, sweet corn and raisins with salad dressing and seasoning.
6.Put mixture into tomato cups and refrigerate before serving.
Smart Tips
The fat content of tuna fish in mineral water is only 1/10 of that of tuna fish canned in oil.

Using yogurt with honey instead of mayonnaise can increase calcium intake and lower the fat content of this recipe. You may also omit honey as raisins naturally give rich taste of sweetness.
Information from: CHEU - Two Plus Three Every Day - Easy and Tasty Recipes