Shrimp Avocado Gunkan Sushi

3 Less
Shrimp Avocado Gunkan Sushi
Accredited Practising Dietitian (DAA, Australia) and Assistant External Affairs Officer of Hong Kong Dietitians Association, Miss Doris LAU said, "Gunkan sushi is prepared with avocado and shrimps. The former ingredient is relatively rich in monounsaturated fatty acid and high in potassium, while the latter is relatively low in fat. Hence, the sushi is categorised as a healthy "3 Less Dish"."
Ingredients : (To Serve 2 pieces):
Sushi rice clusters (cooked)2 pieces (50g)
Shrimps without shell15g
Lemon juice3g
Seaweed sheets for Gunkan sushi2 pieces
Salt0.1 g
Cooking Method:
1.Wash the shrimps. Blanch until done. Dice and set aside.
2.Peel and pit the avocado. Dice and set aside.
3.Mix the shrimps, avocado and salt together. Add lemon juice. Set aside
4.Hand form the sushi rice clusters in rectangular shape. Encircle the base of each sushi rice cluster with a seaweed sheet.
5.To serve, top the sushi rice clusters with the mixed avocado and shrimps.
Per serving:
The energy and nutrient content above is estimated according to the information compiled from the USDA Nutrient data Laboratory. Values are for reference only.
This recipe is provided by Hokkaido Katsu Sushi.
Extract from CookSmart, Issue 26