Eggplant with Mentaiko Paste

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Eggplant with Mentaiko Paste
Registered Dietitian (USA) and Executive Committee of Hong Kong Nutrition Association, Rhoda Ng said, "Eggplant is rich in potassium and dietary fibre. Each 100g of eggplant contains 240mg of potassium and 1.9g of dietary fibre. Potassium helps to maintain our body blood pressure and fluid balance and dietary fibre can prevent constipation."
Ingredients: (To Serve 3)
Japanese eggplant1 (approx. 150g)
Mentaiko10 g
Japanese Taro30 g
Baby octopus (diced)20 g
Reduced-fat salad dressing10 g
Wasabi5 g
Bonito flakes soup30 ml
Light soy sauce5 ml
Bonito Flakes Soup Ingredients (to make 7 litres):
Bonito flakes300g
Water10 litres
Cooking Method:
1.Bring the water to a boil and add the bonito flakes and kombu.
2.Cook the ingredients on high flame for 15 minutes.
3.Afterwards, switch to low flame and let simmer for 45 minutes. Strain the ingredients. Set the stock aside.
Cooking Method:
1.Take the mentaiko out from its skin. Set aside.
2.Peel the Nagaimo Yam. Mash it into paste. Set aside.
3.Dice the baby octopus. Set aside.
4.Place the Japanese eggplant onto a plate and steam for 8 minutes.
5.Mix the Mentaiko and baby octopus with reduced-fat salad dressing, Nagaimo Yam, wasabi, bonito flakes soup and light soy sauce into a paste.
6.To serve, spread a layer of the paste on top of the steamed eggplant, then bake for about 5 minutes.
Per serving:
Energy (kcal)45
Carbohydrate (g)6
Protein (g)3
Fat (g)1
Sugar (g)3
Sodium (mg)203
The energy and nutrient content is estimated according to the information compiled from the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. Values are for reference only.
This recipe is provided by Nasubi Japanese Restaurant.
Extract from CookSmart, Issue 23