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Best Wishes to Customers Best Wishes to Customers
In the past year, I have been dreaming of travelling abroad and enjoying sunshine. Today, I have the chance to travel abroad with my friend to enjoy the vacation. We will...
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A Surprising Taste in Summer A Surprising Taste in Summer
Temperature remains at some 30 degrees Celsius these days and seeing the advertisements on sunscreen products and swimwear everywhere, we all know the summer has come. The...
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Nutritious Breakfasts Nutritious Breakfasts
Breakfast is a daily nutritional source. It can also make you concentrate and perform better at work. I eat breakfast every day. Most often, I have breakfast in a fast food...
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Less Oil. Please!! Less Oil. Please!!
In the TV cooking program, guests are striving their best to prepare and cook various kinds of special seafood, e.g. eel and large fishes. I do not master cooking...
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Thinking of my mother Thinking of my mother
I am going mad with my job! I do not have any mood to think about the dinner. I hop into a Chinese style tea restaurant near my home to have some food so that...
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