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Ocean Empire Food Shop (Marbella)
Ocean Empire Food Shop (Marbella)
Restaurant Name: Ocean Empire Food Shop (Marbella)
Address: Shop 10, 1/F., Marbella, 23 On Chun Street,
Ma On Shan, New Territories

Telephone: 2613 1262
District: Sai Kung
Cuisine: Fast Food
Ocean Empire Ocean Empire Recommends its EatSmart Dishes! Ocean Empire Food Shop is a large congee restaurant chain in Hong Kong. It specialises in traditional Cantonese congee. The chain aims to provide high quality food at reasonable prices, with good hygiene standards and sincerity from the heart. Along with its modern management techniques, it has revolutionised the image of traditional Cantonese congee restaurants. To support the Campaign being run in Hong Kong right now, Ocean Empire has introduced an array of EatSmart Dishes to promote healthy eating. 'Three Less Dish Series' The 'Three Less Dish Series' is prepared with healthy ingredients and with less salt, sugar and oil. This season's recommendations from Ocean Empire include plain congee, soya milk, Freshly-made Mustard & Pork Rib Congee, Pumpkin, Corn & Minced Pork Congee, as well as plain ricesheet rolls and ricesheet rolls with minced beef, fish slices or vegetables. 'Dish with More Fruit and Vegetables Series' These dishes either use fruit or vegetables as the sole ingredients or have twice as much vegetables as meat ingredients. Ocean Empire's Green Vegetables is a fresh dish that is full of natural flavours.
3 Less
Pumpkin, Corn & Minced Pork Congee
3 Less
Freshly-made Mustard & Pork Rib Congee