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The Banqueting House (Kowloon Bay )
The Banqueting House (Kowloon Bay )
Restaurant Name: The Banqueting House (Kowloon Bay )
Address: Unit 2-3, Level 13, MegaBox, Enterprise Square 5,
38 Wan Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay,
Telephone: 27988110/27988866
District: Kwun Tong
Cuisine: Chinese
The Banqueting House is a new fine dining Cantonese restaurant from LHGroup. By providing quality food, atmosphere and service, we have awarded lots of recognitions over the years. We would strive for providing the best enjoyable dining experiences to every customer.
Fruit and Vegetables
時果炒素粒 (Chinese Name Only)
3 Less
金湯銀耳杞子浸時蔬 (Chinese Name Only)